About Us

DedeEvi dates back to 1940s where our great grandfather Salih Sekerci first lived with his family. His son Tevfik Sekerci (our grandfather) was the second generation who lived in the house after his father passed away. Our family played a pioneering role in the region's trade life during those times starting with candy production and then investing mining, timber trade and eventually settling in agriculture. Cotton and rice plantations finally gave way to citrus (mainly orange) groves. Tevfik Sekerci is the first registered tax payer of Finike.

Built as a 5 room house on two floors, DedeEvi has a big garden full of our childhood memories located at the very heart of Finike. As a member of the 4th generation of my family I wanted to share the memory of my family with our guests while contributing to step up Finike's popularity in tourism. So i decided to bring our house into service as a villa hotel. If you want to relax and feel like you are at your grand parents house we will be very pleased to welcome you.

Last of all I, would like to express my gratitude to my grandparents Tevfik and Ulfet Sekerci for all the love and courage they gave to us, my dear mother Belkis Sekerci and my father Sakir Akca for supporting me all the time and to all my family members who are always with me.

K. Şima Akça


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