Wellcome with Health!

Dear guests, as we all know, we began to live in a new world because of Covid 19. We need to learn to live with it and be happy without risking our lives.

We take all our measures according to the circulars issued by The Turkish Ministery of Interior and Turkish Ministery of Health and we are looking forward to making your stay at DedeEvi an unforgettable one.

Here are the actions we take against Covid 19 in accordance with the general hygiene rules;

  • Before opening, DedeEvi was disinfected by an authorized instution licenced from the Ministery of Health,
  • Disinfection stands and mats are placed at the entrances,
  • In addition to the routine cleaning following the departure of our guests, our facility is disinfected with ULV and UVC devices and no new guest entrance is accepted for one day,
  • Door handles, faucets, switches, remote controls, are particularly disinfected in all areas,
  • There are enough masks, gloves, galoshes for our guests,
  • Following the departure of our guests, all towels, sheets and kitchen utensils are disinfected in accordance with hygiene standards and prepared for new guests.
  • Dedeevi is ecolab hygine certified and hygiene courses are attended regulary.

We wish all our guests a healthy, peaceful and beautiful holiday...